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The time was 2012. At that time I was working in a private development company. The salary was not high. I was paid only 7400 rupees. After working for a few months, I bought a smart phone for Rs 5,000.

We know that there are different types of apps on computer or smart phone. And with these apps we can do a lot of work easily, learn to work, book rooms for hotel stays, buy air tickets, etc.


When I got the smart phone in my hand, looking at those apps, the question arose in my mind, how do you make these apps? I kept looking for the system. I got some apps called App Maker from Play Store but I couldn’t do any work because I don’t know programming. I have managed to master a little by trying in this way but there is still a lot left.

Even then there was no error in the attempt. I have been constantly trying to learn programming with my mobile phone in between office work. I asked many people for advice but nothing helped. Will I still stop? Impossible! I have to succeed.

Finally, I used YouTube. I found links to many tutorials. From there I started learning my programming. It can be said that YouTube is my programming learning guru.

If people want, they can do many things from zero, they can learn, they can know. Like me, you can start your own world of learning programming. Stay well Stay healthy. Thanks.

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